The Villa of the German Art Nouveau artist and sculptor Franz von Stuck (built 1897/1898) was celebrated as a marvelously modern yet curious construction. Built along his guiding principle of the "Gesamtkunstwerk" ( total work of art) the VILLA STUCK combined all aspects of architecture, art, music, theatre, and life within its walls and garden; serving as a representational studio as well a private home. Based on the ideas of its namesake, the VILLA STUCK showcases the broad cultural and artistic offerings of the 19th–21st century, while continuously maintaining a dialogue between the main collection, exhibitions, and the architecture itself. Bureau Borsche created a new corporate identity along with a custom typeface inspired by the graphic heritage of Franz von Stuck and in reference to the classical architecture features of the iconic building, a landmark in the cityscape of Munich. To modernize the museum's presence in the 21st century the Bureau also redesigned the website and an App for the museum's visitors.

The new identity draws inspiration from the graphic language of Franz Stuck as well as referencing the architectural heritage of the building. This complements the nature of the renovated museum which brings together both historic and contemporary exhibitions under one roof – a precious landmark amongst the cityscape of Munich.