In conjunction with the exhibition "My Last Will" by M+M Studio, a distinctive artist's book was crafted. This book serves as a repository for specially curated text, collages, and visual contributions from the participating artists, encapsulating their initial reflections on the pivotal question, "What will remain?".
Much like the solemn process of a notary opening a will, the book's pages remain sealed, concealing the intimate contemplations within. To access the profound insights captured within its pages, one must delicately cut open the still-sealed sections, metaphorically unveiling the secrets embedded in these "Last Wills."

The symbiotic relationship between the exhibition and the artist's book creates a captivating narrative, inviting viewers to engage with the unfolding stories and musings of the contributing artists. The tactile act of cutting open the sealed pages becomes an integral part of the artistic experience, symbolizing the unveiling of thoughts and reflections on what endures.
"My Last Will" artist's book stands as a testament to the fusion of visual art, contemplative inquiry, and interactive storytelling, providing a unique and immersive exploration of the artists' perspectives on legacy and permanence.