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Super Paper No. 123–134 2020

Super Paper is an institution in Munich, like pretzels or beer it can be found on any corner. Over the past seven years, this free newspaper has become hugely popular with the young city crowd, who take it on jaunts to the Isar or the Biergarten. Its pages feature cultural news and updates on music events so that you can never miss a good party or exhibition. Super Paper is Bureau Borsche’s graphic laboratory. Here we stress-test a type’s readability or a new way of treating layouts. Because of its disposable nature we design each issue to be surprising and new. Every ten issues we create a complete redesign with experimental layouts and personal typefaces to go along with our wild selection of artists, photographers, and illustrators. Village Voice is a supplement to Super Paper that serves as a meeting place for German creatives. Its reduced design concentrates on the texts using almost no imagery.

Super Paper No. 124


Super Paper No. 123


Super Paper No. 125



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