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Human Globaler Zufall No. 1–4

Everything is interconnected in the reportage magazine by journalist Mr. Dennis Buschmann. Where one story ends the next begins, catapulting the reader through a colorful network of people and their tales. Beginning in Berlin, trailing around the world, and ending in Berlin again, these reports cement the theory that in one way or another, everybody knows one another.
Published by the Axel Springer Verlag in an installment of four issues, Human Globaler Zufall (Global Human Coincidence) tells the tales of six protagonists per issue, each of whom is connected to the other in some manner or another. The authors and photographers traveled around the world to capture these various backgrounds and found their way back to Buschmann’s first meeting in Berlin in the last story of the fourth issue.
The design of the magazine turned out to be quite a challenge, because we decided to highlight four different narrative levels per issue: the main reportage (text), images that directly referred to the text, randomly chosen associative images and very personal images by the different photographers showing their own perspective on the story
A world map represented the table of contents and as an overall connecting element to each magazine a red thread served as a bookmark.

Issue No. 1–4


Axel Springer Verlag
205 × 255 mm
250 Pages




Armin Smailovic
Mathias Ziegler
Mirko Borsche
Martin Fengel
Jörg Koopmann
Myrzik & Jarisch

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