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Cory Arcangel Catalogue

Mr. Cory Arcangel is a true artist of our digital era. A pioneer of internet art, or perhaps just an artist with an internet obsession, Mr. Arcangel’s work explores the complexities of digital technology and pop culture. Through appropriation and the blending of existing objects he creates new works of art. From Photoshop gradients to Youtube, nothing is holy to the Brooklyn based post-conceptual artist, who takes all this for his drawings, music, videos, performance art, and video game modifications.
So it stand to reason that Mr. Arcangel didn’t want a classic monograph and instead approached the Bureau for an idea of an unconventional art catalogue to house his art concoctions. Based on Mr. Arcangel’s methodology and in close collaboration with him and curator, we created the art catalogue This is all so crazy, everybody seems so famous for his exhibition at GAMeC in Bergamo.
We extrapolated on Mr. Arcangel’s initial idea of an art-house fanzine to come up with an aesthetic based on today’s teen zines such as Seventeen Magazine or Germany’s BRAVO. We designed all of the catalogue’s content in this hyper-hormonal graphic language and included two posters, a sticker sheet, and shrink-wrapped the entire catalogue package in foil.

GAMeC Catalogue

Cory Arcangel Catalogue


210 × 297 mm
150 Pages
Staple Binding
Including stickers and two great poster




Cory Arcangel



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