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BR Orchestra Season 14–15

The BR Symphonieorchester’s international acclaim reaches far, with yearly tour dates far-flung from its Munich base. As the only German orchestra to have had the honor of working with Leonard Bernstein and currently under the direction of Mariss Jansons the orchestra has a topnotch classical reputation to maintain. A long term client of Bureau Borsche since 2010, the BRSO’s signature black and white corporate design was inspired by its own stage presence: the monochrome suits of the orchestra. To delve deeper into the essence of the orchestra, we crafted a customized font that combines both serif and grotesque to visualize the harmony and disharmony of the orchestra’s notes. This bold yet minimal design expands across all aspects of the BRSO media from print, to merchandise, and digital.

Posters Season 14–15






Type Design: Bureau Mirko Borsche

Anyone on a casual or brisk walk through Munich might sees the BRSO on the street corners. A series of highly-reduced black and white posters mark the city in a flexible, typographical rhythm alluding to the orchestra’s suits. For each individual poster we sit down with the orchestra and Mr. Peter Meisel, to deduce the critical elements of the musical piece in question and pare down the design to its basic information. In this simplicity we found a way to generate personality without imagery by solely focusing on typography as the key to all information. Heavy arches and sharp edges in the customized font make the designs descriptive while underlining the bold and experimental look of the BRSO.

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