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Zeit Magazine No. 1–52 2018

The multiple award-winning Zeit Magazin is supplement to the weekly Die Zeit—one of Germany’s largest and most prestigious newspapers. Commonly coined as general interest, the Zeit Magazin’s pages often dive into the nitty-gritty of politics, fashion, art, design, music, and literature. Since 2007 Mirko Borsche has held the position of Creative Director. Mirko’s tenure has been marked by unique and contemporary design, earning him accolades nationally as well as internationally—a success that he traces back to his strong team at Zeit : It has always been my goal to work on the design of a newspaper, but its the great trust and quality I receive from the editor-in-chiefs of both Die Zeit and Zeit Magazin that make my work there so heartfelt. But Mr. Giovanni di Lorenzo and Mr. Christoph Amend are just two of the names deserving credit. Ms. Haika Hinze and Ms. Jasmin Müller-Stoy, respectively art directors at Die Zeit and Zeit Magazin, round out the team.

Next to his work redesigning and developing Die Zeit, Mirko’s general scope as Creative and Art Director at Zeit Magazin also warrants a close look at layouts, a fresh mind for cover and content concepts, and an eye for top notch photographers, illustrators and artists. His knack for up-and-coming creatives lends the magazine its signature fresh look.

Issue No. 1–52

Issue No. 1–5



Wo sind unsere Grenzen

Jonas Lindstroem




Regisseur: Jonas  Lindstroem
Kamera: Nicolai  Niermann
Styling:  Klaus  Stockhausen
Produktion: Iconoclast
Ausführender  Produzent : Nils  Schwemer
Produzent:  Jannis  Birsner
Casting-Direktoren: Affa  Osman,  Dominique  Booker
Choreograf : Michael-John  Harper
Co-Autorin : Eva  Kelley
Make-up : Patrick  Glatthaar
Musik:  Silvio
Audio-Mastering:  Rasmus  Lauvring
Stimme:  Eva Kelley
Schnitt : Jonas  Lindstroem,  Nicolai  Niermann
Postproduktion : Studio  Private
Postproduktions-Geschäftsführer: David Smith
Postproduzent: James  Lowrey
Koloriererin : SAMANTHA DAY
Animation:  Spellwork  Pictures
BTS Photographer:  Mark  Othmer
Regie-Assistent : Maximilian  Semlinger
Produktionsleiter:  Justus  Toussaint
Produktionskoordinator : Moritz  Tibes
Produktionsassistent: Leyli Khatebzadeh
Gimbal Operator: Julian Hanschke

  1. Kamera-Assistent: Sirinton Kaomanit
    Licht-Assistenten: Raul Suciu, Mark Othmer
    Make-up-Assistent : Patricia  Heck
    Styling-Assistenten:  Annemarie  Lahr-Eigen,  Alexander  Gabriel,  Vincent  Mank
    Set-Runner:  Bastian  Faralisch,  Assad  Rajab
    Models:  Alexander  Selzer, Amra  Novak, Anton  Wendel, Azama  Bashir, Azza Bashir, Benny  Opoku-Arthur, Christopher  Cakmak, Christopher  Rosenthal, Cissel  Dubbick, Eliot  Dupuis, Elvis  Vos, Evans  Yeboah, Ingo  Rimpler, Joaquín  Quintana, Jomkwan  Emeli  Phoonthong, Jörg  Janzer, Julia  Stöckemann, Julian  Breuer, Justin  Akitoye, Katrice  Dustin, Leon  Konrad  Glitsch, Malik  Bitko, Max  Polaski, Michael-John  Harper, Mirko  Stübing, Nicolas  Kowalski, Nisa-Maranda  Jones, Paul  Joyce  Theresin, Philipp  Rosenthal, Rayene  Rezouani, Rhina  Raths, Sophie  Stöckemann, Stiven  Nowak, Winnie  Denis, Yeboah  Evans

Besonderen  Dank  an:
UFO  Filmgerät, ATR  Motorsport, Reitclub am  Olympiapark e. V., SoHo House – The Store, Stuntcrew  Babelsberg, Sermed  Darah